Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy B'day to me...


its been long since my last post, actually i was busy with work... but 2 days back was my b'day (14th Nov), and i dint had any thing planned as such, cause my friends were not in the city.

But to my surprise they were are here and were planning smthng for me...

So after receiving calls at 12:00 in the night and in the morning, Yogesh and Chandan came to my office around 03:00 pm and asked me to just go with them, and I did..........>>>>

we went to cafe coffee day they were out of cake or pastries, so we straight went to agra.

reached sanjay place, MKOP (My Kind of a Place: its a bakery) bought a choclate cake (thts my fav. flavour) one candle. Then yogesh as loud as he is.. asked the man at counter to play birthday song on the speaker and he humbly did... i made fine slices at the cake, it was yummy. Then yogesh did the obvious by offering some cake to 2 firangi girls sittin at the next table, and they both wished me happy b'day hehe..

after some cake eating and little cake face pack, we planned to have dinner at the Taj (now Gateway Hotel), but it was early so we went to TDI mall, roamed around, bought a few things.. Chandan bought boxers (hahaha) first he bought for 500-550 rupees then the shop guy said if u buy for rs. 1000 u'll get a "Just Jockeying" t-shirt free, so chandan bought 2 briefs as well... so he is well settled at the under-garments front.

after some more buyin and roamin we finally went for dinner, we had indian food as chandan is not very fond of chienese, nice food, nice restaurant...>>> post dinner we knew it'll be a good time as we have a 75 Kms drive ahead.... we talked and talked..

Nice time we had... both yogesh and chandan were more excited about my b'day then i was may be cause they were planning it for a week..

Thank you guys I had a gala time and as u knw i dnt like to hang with a lot of ppl, it was nice to celebrate my b'day with just 3 of us..

rest is goin very good....

love and peace for all


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